Academic Writing – How do to it well!

Let’s face it. We have all faced this challenge. Whether you are working towards completing your undergrad, or are currently working on your graduate degree, one of the key skills that you have to learn is to present your ideas in format that is acceptable to an academic audience.

You will find this blog useful if : a. You are a student working on research papers – at the undergrad or graduate level b. You are an academic who is looking to hone their skills in writing papers c. You are a professional wanting to publish in academic journals, but dont know the conventions/ rules that are to be followed in academic writing and publishing.

This may mean anything from writing an essay, which may take you a few hours or a research paper, that can take you several weeks. While each of these formats requires a different style of thinking and different skill levels, there are certain common principles that you can follow to write well.

My aim in this blog is not only to share tips, tricks and solid advise; but also to help you publish your work in reputed peer-reviewed journals.

Here are some things I will share with you, as we proceed :

  1. Strategy of academic writing :
    1. Identifying where you want to publish, style, tone etc.
    2. Where to place your paper – Impact factor and quality of journal
  2. Having ideas – how to come up with good ideas
  3. Lit review – before or after your data analysis?
  4. Writing the paper – Qualitative, Quantitative or mixed methods?
  5. Creating a strong outline
  6. Using data and sources
  7. How to read
  8. Complicating your thesis
  9. Understanding the peer review process
  10. Plagiarism
  11. Forming a support group for reviewing your work
  12. Submitting your work
  13. Working through the R&R process

If this is something you want to learn, then check out the other pages on this blog! Use this blog along with my course on for a comprehensive learning experience!


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